Brand Advertising is if you want to know how your brand is perceived by the audience; the only way to do that is to take feedback from other people like customers, peers, mentors & etc about it. Once you know who says what about your brand, you will not only know how it is perceived but you can also take steps to improve or make changes if required. Either build upon it or change it entirely, your personal brand is yours to create and do what you want with it.

For instance, let us assume that there is a youngster who is looking forward to advance his career in an organization. He comes to know that he has is known as a diligent, quiet and a reserved person but this is something he wants to change. He wants to be known as a dynamic leader with a charismatic personality along with being a hard worker. So, he will need to change the perception of people. He will need to brand himself as a charismatic, hardworking and dynamic leader rather than what he unintentionally may have done.

The foremost method is to embody your brand. The youngster by default had built his brand but he was neither conscious of it nor was trying to portray himself in a certain way. The brand that got attached to his name was based on how the people in his company perceived him and how he conducted himself. The inner message here is that your brand exists regardless of whether or not you are aware of it. And, depending on your goals and ambitions, this brand is something you may have to work on to come across to others in a way that would advance your objectives. This requires managing your brand that will start from feedback.  

Follow the example of popular brands like Nike, Oprah or Adidas. Whatever these organizations do is to promote their brand and you need to follow suit. In whatever you may do, practice mindfulness of your brand and embody it. No matter what size or kind of business you are operating, people will be talking about your brand on blogs and social networking sites.

A good place to know what people say or think about your brand is to pay attention to the phrases and keywords used to locate your site. These metrics can be found in the analytics package you may be utilizing with your site. If your website is not using any analytics package such as Webtrends, Clicky or Google Analytics, try to remember and brainstorm the phrases and keywords you might have heard your customers using whilst in discussion with you. Brand advertising is imperative for your career advancement and success both.