Social media includes all websites and application that allow users to create and share content or to participate in social networking activities or socializing. It is the collection of online communication channels designed for interactions, collaborations and content sharing purposes.

Facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, google, Instagram, LinkedIn, snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber are all the examples of social media. It has grown into a significant lead generation tool; a new method for businesses to search for, find and engage in future visions. In fact, 58% of vendors who have been using it for three years or longer stated that it has really helped them in boosting their sales.

Lead generation is about collecting information from potential clients that can be passed on the sales team. Therefore there are a variety of tactics and strategies that help to find these leads. Following are some of the top 5 strategies:

  1. Promote gated content: Gated content are the most frequently used lead generation tactic online. Gated content refers to content that requires the user to pass through a particular method, often providing their contact information, in order to access it.On social media, the fundamental way to use gated content involves promoting any content on the social channels, often a webinar.
  2. Social media advertising: A growing and most widely known tool of lead generation is social media advertising. It is mainly important because of its advanced targeting opportunities. Where normal social media posts can be targeted to a restricted level (based on geography or certain groups for example), social media ads can get far grittier in terms of audience.
  3. Contests/ competitions: Competitions and contests are rather valuable because they engage in potential prospect for the sales team. The key is making the incentive something related to your actual product or service.The contests should emphasis instead on repetitions of what anyone would offer their clients anyhow.Those who enter in this contest are far more likely to be sincerely interested in the offerings, and therefore worth reaching out to a sales viewpoint.
  4. Hosting any webinar: Hosting or conducting the google+ hangout or a webinar is the brilliant way of putting the business into contact with the future prospectus. Depending on the content of the webinar we can attract lots of people who are the potential customers to take in their interests. This might fit into better lead generation needs.
  5. Well-designed landing pages:When a buyer or the customer is in the last step of their research and is just ready to take action, tactical landing pages should guide them further to their sales. It should capture their attention through Facebook and other social media ads and transform these buyers with urgent offers that they can’t abstain from. Keeping in mind all vital call-to-action and include a lead form to track and follow up.

Therefore, focusing on using the 5 tactics discussed above to produce more traffic and convert most of the visitors into leads.