Today is UAE’s 45th National Day and it is a time when we can turn toward back and have a quick glance how we have progressed so far.

Primarily UAE was famous worldwide for its liquid gold: it is the abundant source of crude oil that used to earn huge revenue for the country. The richness was prolific here but digital transformation was not that developed here. But in last 20 years we have crossed that phase also and now UAE is on the verge of becoming the world’s first SMART country where technology and digitalization has imposed awesome growth in almost every business segment. UAE has converted communication process a truly media centric well supported by community as well as globally integrated segment.

We at ETCON Middle East steadily strive to deliver innovative digital services with uncompromised quality, in a justifiable way. We ensure that our solutions in ERP, Mobile Apps, Digital Transformation and Enterprise Solution may inspire, support, and confirm enhancement of digital progress in our country.

On the eve of the National Day, at ETCON, we wish to convey our heartiest regards to all our business clients, associates and all our team members: let’s walk together and create milestone of success in the years ahead. LONG LIVE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES !!!