Corporate Strategic Planning

Driving Revenues and Stakeholder Satisfaction with Ease

It pays to have an external strategist that can help remove the barrier of myopic vision of the board of directors of a company. By bringing in a fresh pair of eyes, your organization gets a new vision on how to thrive under competitive environment and shifting customer demands. However what experts you call in for this mission critical task is what determines the success of your endeavors.

Hence it makes complete business sense to associate with a forward looking company such as ETCON. We are an ideal strategy partner to help you accelerate your competitive advantage. Whether you are diversifying your product/ service offerings, or entering a new market, ETCON provides a full range of corporate strategy service in Dubai, aimed at letting you extract maximum benefit from your next planned business move, minus the troubles.


From industry-specific corporate strategy implementation in Riyadh to crafting an environment for your brand’s success across your chosen marketing channel, ETCON does all this and much more. With our ability to uncover gold nuggets of data on what aspect of business needs course correction, and what steps can enhance the organizational effectives across the board.

ETCON’s value offerings

On offer is a wide array of tactical and actionable insights that sets your company on the right path to growth

  1. Right sizing capital and cash flow structure that optimizes your operational and support divisions
  2. Provide step by step insights on getting right your corporate portfolio, core competencies, financial projections, and talent assessment
  3. Provide tactical guidance to leadership in case of M&A and valuation
  4. Provide hands-on advice on pricing strategy, competitive advantage, operations optimization, and new business ventures

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