For any online business plan, an understanding of SEO trends is critical. Trend tracking is not just looking at popular search terms, but instead a whole marketing philosophy.

With Google making hundreds of changes to their ranking mechanisms every year, it’s critical to understand how SEO trends can influence your page rank. Here are four SEO trends experts are observing right now.

1. Keep your SEO development in-house, and know what you’re doing. While there are lots of vendors who specialize in search engine optimization, no one really understands your business better than you do. SEO trend watchers have observed that the best SEO companies have been busier lately than ever, making finding the right marketing house nearly impossible right now.

2. Make sure you focus on Google for SEO marketing, but don’t neglect other search engines. Google carries as much as 70% of all search engine traffic, so you can’t ignore it; but the smaller engines can also bring you some healthy traffic and should not be ignored.

3. Scamimmers abound. With the market for SEO so tight, it’s easy for scammers to take advantage of you. Never trust a fresh new company unless they can provide you with references you recognize, and do research on every single company before contacting them.

4. Content is still king — especially video content. Learning the best ways to optimize pages for video will let you take advantage of one of the most influential SEO trends: searches for quality viral video. The other content-related SEO trend to watch closely: social media like Facebook, the modern incarnation of word-of-mouth. Never overlook its power.

5. Changes in Google Algorithm.

A new change has been made to Google Algorithm. The change is nicknamed ‘Google Pigeon” and was rolled out on July 24th. This change is one that is impacting businesses on a grand scale all across the world.
‘Google Pigeon’, the new Google Algorithm, is a change that focuses on local searches. This will greatly affect local businesses. The search will rank terms geographically for importance in the results. This new update shows a greater importance to assessing a location. This allows the one searching to look within a geographical location and have it ranked in such a manner.