Google has been updating their SEO algorithm since the inception; they used to update these algorithms every year in order to make the search results more accurate. Here is the list of Google algorithm updates happened in 2016

1. Unnamed Update — January 8, 2016
The first algorithm update or shake up was happened in the beginning of 2016 itself. In January many of the multiple search tracking tools such as MozCast, witnesses historic – large scale rankings movements. And late Google confirmed it as a “core algorithm update”, but thy officially stated that it was not a penguin’s update.

2. Google Adwords shake up – February 23, 2016
Google started to make major changes in adwords display ads in May. They removed the right column ads completely and started rolling out 4 ads top blocks on most of the commercial searches.
Experts In the industry states that this movement is sign that Google has plans to concentrate more on mobile design since the right side ad boxes are not supported in mobile designs. Google may have the plan to standardize the advertising ecosystem across all devices. Another point is that there are many elements which push the advertising to further down such as knowledge graphs & paid shopping blocks. At the same time knowledge graph panels have start to integrate with niche advertising panels in verticals including hotels, movies, music etc.

3. Google Mobile Friendly Update 2 – May
After one year since the first mobile friendly update, Google started rolling another ranking boost for mobile-friendly sites on mobile search. This update is said to be affected to the non-mobile friendly sites in mobile ranking updates.
If your site is already mobile-friendly, there will not be any impact for this update on your site. if it’s not try checking the Mobile-Friendly Test and the Webmaster Mobile Guide these tools can help you to improve your site’s mobile friendliness, being mobile friendly is a very important in ranking, so even a single non-mobile-friendly page can cause the harm.

4. Possum Update – September, 2016
This update is unconfirmed by Google, but many search marketing tools witnessed high fluctuations in ranking and drop in local pack prevalence, and the search engine marketing community noted fluctuations in results. This update is affected in local finder results aka Google maps results. After this update there is going to some ranking drop for those businesses which is physically address fall outside the physical location specified, Google limits these businesses to rank further. This effect is highly impact on organic results. The signals intent that Google is now filtering based on the address and affiliation and they have also considering the location of the user. There are also slight variations in the similar keywords used, and local filter is moving to become an independent filter from organic filter.

5. Penguin 4.0 — September, 2016
The most waited Penguin 4.0 update was officially announced by Google in September. The new penguin update is a real time version of the core update. The initial impact of Penguin 4.0 is relatively small. With this update Penguin’s data will be refreshed in real time, so the changes will be happening faster than before and it effects shortly after Google recrawl and reindex page and penguin devalues spam based ranking based on spam signals rather than affecting the whole site ranking.

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