These days no business is unfamiliar with SEO. Adopting the right strategies of SEO can help a business not only attract more customers but also retain and gain their loyalty. It helps businesses become more visible and relevant in the online world of marketing. With the help of SEO, websites show up on the top lists of search results when people search for their services, products or information. But, recently there has been an important and a sharp shift in its focus. This shift is towards local SEO. The following describes some important beneficial features of Local SEO that you may want to know. 

  1. Local SEO helps narrow down the competition

Customer acquisition becomes smoother if you function around a specific geographical domain. To explain it further let us hypothetically consider the example of a car mechanic who is offering his services in SoMa, San Francisco. His chances of getting more customers will significantly increase if his SEO is focused on promotion of his website for car owners searching for a mechanic in and around SoMa, San Francisco. His website does not have to compete with other car mechanical websites in the whole of Bay Area. 

  1. Keep Up with the changing algorithms

Google is the leading search engine in the world and to rank websites, it constantly alters its algorithms. In majority of the cases, the search results are oriented around local lists on the basis of the geographical location of the user. For instance, if someone searched ‘best car wash’ on Google, the appearing results would be of local service providers that are nearby. So, if you want your website to appear on these lists, Local SEO is the key.

  1. Target your audience

If a business wants to do well, it should know where its customers are located. Local SEO can help you get frequent purchases, higher conversion rates and business growth. Targeting people who will respond to you more quickly and lucratively will increase the footprint of your business significantly.

  1. Mobile Marketing

These days, people use their mobiles for almost everything. If people want to find shops for certain products or services they simply locate them with their mobile devices. Searches based on location and other technologies like NFC are experiencing greater results. A lot of attention is being placed on details of locations and thus the need of Local SEO further increases.


These are some of the benefits of Local SEO, and you must admit that it is an essential to incorporate into your social media strategy. The logic is so simple. If you are appearing on search results and are close by, the probability of acquiring new customers is high. So, if you are looking for Local SEO in Dubai, it may not be a bad idea to Google it.