ETCON Mobile Apps development heavily banks on its capability to understand the niche market and target audience. Mobile applications are all user centered, friendly, result driven and our expertise testify this.

From the drawing board:

One of the most important aspects of all mobile UX design is that whilst it has some principles in common with web and software design, the top-down design approach as in web, is not going to work in the mobile devise, by simply shrinking the desktop experience. To design a good app, keep the customer in mind, start building the app bottom-up – enhancing it with the right elements of your existing digital presence where appropriate – to achieve it. Great mobile ideas are uniquely mobile – that couldn’t be achieved a second time, by a second team at a second attempt. That’s exactly why ETCON is considered as one of the best mobile apps developer in Dubai.

User identification:

User identification is a critical process of understanding when enabling a mobile experience for your business. We can roughly classify mobile users as hunters and gatherers. Hunters are the specific users who search for specific information and apparently, it is imperative that you provide the desired information with minimum navigation and efforts. This draws the success line between your app and revenue. As a matter of fact, the user interface design has to be created on this reality to produce realistic results. On the other hand, there are gatherers, who are not looking for any specific information, but they would browse through a wide variety of information until they find something interesting. The UI design hence throws a different challenge to accommodate the users, if your target audience fall among this category. Etcon expertise in producing mind blowing user engagement for any target audience help us qualify to the leading mobile apps developer in Dubai.

The 80/20 rule:

It is often required to be in the shoes of a mobile user to understand user’s browsing behavior. Analytics study shows that most of the users only utilize 20 percent of the features available in a mobile app. To understand which 20 percent of the features of mobile app contributes to bulk of utilization, embedding an analytics tool to the mobile app will help. Hence, the UI structuring should be centered around this decisive area, to maximize the opportunity of grabbing a life time customer.

Simplicity matters:

ETCON mobile apps developers always make it a point to keep things simple- which is the user demand. You cannot expect a mobile user to go through an instruction manual, neither can you think of wasting their time with a FAQ. If you miss this structural logic, you are probably going wrong somewhere. That’s why mobile apps design has to be done by a team nourishing impeccable know-how about mobile space.