Teaming up with the right company who does digital marketing in Dubai is the trickiest of all tasks, when it comes to venturing a digital strategy for your business. Dubai, being the new land of opportunities, being the cynosure of the business world, invites entrepreneurs and aspiring business enthusiasts to this region, more than ever before. Entrepreneurs from the west have started landing in Dubai, to get a feel of the market and to seek a realistic opening to firm their grip and establish themselves before expo 2020. Digital marketing in Dubai, hence is a hot topic of discussion, and often top the to-do list of aspiring business man. This article is inspired from the experience of a London based entrepreneur, on his expedition to Dubai who has run a digital marketing agency in London.  He was Mr. Vishal Alimchandani, founder of Almond digital on a mission to differentiate the efforts of experts on digital marketing in Dubai and digital marketing in London. Upon arrival, he dialed up some top digital marketing agencies in Dubai, to know what they are up to and to identify the working principles and methodologies. Himself a digital marketing expert, he could well identify similarities and differences between the work culture, digital objectives and business insights. Some of the companies sounded very professional in their approach, but the moment they started spitting verbal and technological jargons, the seasoned technocrat could easily categorize them into the class of not-so-adroit agencies. They sounded pretty much similar to the clichéd saying of “if you can’t convince the client, confuse them”. However, those companies were sure to lose. The most important aspect to look into when selecting a company for digital marketing in Dubai or SEO in Dubai, is their vocabulary. Are they using simple terms to explain things straight and simple? Or are they trying to create a faulty impression by mere jugglery? If any digital marketing agency in Dubai is trying to bamboozle you with mere jugglery of words, it is almost certain that they want to hide something. One of the funniest of all jargons were “fulfillment mechanism”- a term used by one of the agencies and they were actually referring to the term website, just “web site” – explains the Almond digital CEO on a funny, yet factual note. The second decision must be made on spending and it’s often not wise to go with companies who pay cheaper – it often doesn’t work than otherwise. The result is, you end up spending twice for the stuffs that don’t work and won’t be left to spend it right once, for the best team. Digital marketing it Dubai presents you a lot of options, and be prepared to spend reasonably well, and for sure, that would be the best internet investment you would ever make for your business.