Property business in Dubai is booming now but there is cut-throat competition between real estate companies. Dubai is a quality conscious urban region: real estate business owners always prefer to give their best in order to pull buyers in their projects that make the competition harder.

Real estate projects get their priority rating because of some static factors like quality, design, location, cost, etc. But according to recent market trend, unique USP in real estate market is now based on easy integration and business communication between project managing company and the buyers other than static issues. If Digital communication is the key for effective integration between buyers and sellers, dedicated real estate mobile app work as the gateway to business communication and multiple advantages at one go for real estate business in Dubai.

1. Mobile apps facilitates property search
It is a trend now in Dubai area that people search real estate properties (for selling and buying) mostly from their smartphones. A dedicated real estate mobile app search is an amicable way for property buyers now for facilitating their property search in Dubai and adjacent areas. Real estate mobile apps design can be done in a way that is easy to navigate and easy to extract information at fingertips, which works as a readymade database for buyers and sellers.

2. Mobile apps eliminates intermediate brokers
When a dedicated real estate mobile app is found ready-to-download offering listing and details of potential real estate projects in Dubai, investors find the process of communication easier and quicker. The brokerage fee can easily be saved in this direct process that saves money for the buyers as well as from the developers.

3. Easy access to international buyers
Real estate mobile app Dubai can be viewed and downloaded from apps stores therefore worldwide buyers can get the information of a Dubai real estate project at no extra cost. The app works as a robust marketing tool for a real estate project at negligible cost of making the app. Other than print media advertisement, the app can offer recurring publicity for a brand/project/company.

4. Value added features facilitates the buying process
Real estate mobile apps design can be dynamic and value added one. By integrating mortgage loan calculator, loan providers’ details, eligibility calculator etc. a real estate company can make their property mobile apps a real-life utility product. Furthermore, facility of push notification and Dubai real estate market updates can make user experience more smooth sailing.

5. The app offers 3D view of a property: buyers can get the hang virtually
A meticulously built property app Dubai can present the 3D view of listed properties, which helps buyers to get the feel of the property without visiting the spot. The listed properties can be viewed anytime and from any global position. It saves time, it saves travel allowance, and it helps NRI investors to decide faster on their investment plan on Dubai properties.

6. Allied benefits of developing property app to promote real estate business in Dubai
There are some other advantages of developing a real estate mobile app for property business in Dubai. These are:

• Creating a wider exposure of the brand, hence promotes marketing,
• Helping buyers and sellers to reach faster at the target property virtually: quicker communication leads to faster sale closer.
• Enjoying facility to promote new project at minimum cost,
• Liberty to enjoy interaction with vendors, buyers, and general public in Dubai and neighborhood as well as for international territory.

Are you running your real estate business in Dubai? If yes, it’s now high time you can give your business a digital boost. Hire an expert and knowledgeable app developer in Dubai and plan your real estate mobile app today!